Saturday, November 27, 2010

Child Marriage is Back Again in Western World

What a fine comedy happened in British. Is this a new innovation? No... No it is a new innovative comedy. A six year old boy and five year old girl got married. This marriage was conducted by the primary school with the support of their parents. 
child marriage

The funny thing was the reason. The reason was their own experience will help the pupil to develop their vocabulary power. After the wedding the children were enjoyed their reception and complete with speeches. There are many other ways to develop their skill. The motive is good but the idea was mad. Critics also felt  that this act was a strange. According to me it was a mad act. As an elder we should lead them in a correct path.
Future of the world

 Today is a well developed techno science world. This world is an opened window to show everything to the children. May be their mind may pick up a bad thing. So we should not make a situation for them to learn undesirable things. They are the future of the world..

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