Friday, October 29, 2010

Kill cancer, breast cancer awareness, breast cancer symptoms, kill breast cancer

Breast cancer is the very worst decease spreading across the globe and the awareness about it and its symptoms are very important right now..
Breast cancer awareness

 It can vary like skin changes, lumps, swelling and sometimes you may not have any such symptoms. It will also cause something like infections and cyst as well.
It will be good and best practice to do breast self-exam as part of monthly medical checkup and also whenever you feel breast changes. People who are aged more than 40 are more chance of attack. The process can take a week or more to diagnosis and there are several tests.

Breast cancer awareness
Your test and screen of cancer:
Screening test used, method of diagnosis, and keen monitoring, including the mammograms, the ultrasound, MRI, CAT scan, PET scan, and much more.

Various Types of breast cancer:
Inflammatory breast cancer, recurrent breast cancer, ductal carcinoma in situ, invasive invasive lobular carcinoma, ductal carcinoma, male breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer, etc.

 How to diagnosis:
The breast cancer characteristics may affect the treatment such as size, stage hormone receptor status and lymph node status.

Take care of your health and keep away from cancer especially breast cancer. You can get more info in to know many news.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Football world cup winner died. Life ended for Paul the Octopus

Paul the octopus is the winner of world cup football happened in South Africa this time by predicting the match result all time 200% exact result.. It was not only won the football world cup but also won many people's heart after the world cup not only from Germany but all around the world. Its the sad time for the staff and management of the Oberhausen sea life centre but it is also saddest time for the world of prediction and especially the world cup winner Spanish and its football team..

Paul the octopus prediction during world cup
You may forget the football played during this world cup but it is unforgettable moment by Paul the octopus and its predictions. People may think the world cup was the biggest ever even but I am saying that during world cup event, the paul octopus made very big event more than football.
Paul the octopus from Germany
 Whatsoever the fans all around the world need not worry about the senior predictor paul because there is already a successor in the same sea live centre who is under training to predict and its name will also Paul.

Thank you Paul for your great predictions and the world will never forget your time and predictions as well. Your body and soul rest in peace..Good bye.. bye..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

American's greatest question ever to their President Obama. Where is Osama in the world? Is Osama in the moon?

It is very interesting to see that the king of Intelligence organization FBI is not able make good progress when it comes to find the terror floating heads such as Al Qaeda cheif Osama Bin Laden and Taliban leaders who keeps promising to challenge US.

Terror hub

The very big questions now arose among all US people, and few are:

Obama and Osama
1 Where is Osama bin Laden hiding?
2 Where is Al Qaeda top deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri?
3 Where is the Taliban leader Mullah Omar?

Along with these questions now they are the most tax payer in the world started asking like

As a big intelligence agency in the world Why are we missing to identify Osama and gang?

Why So much delay in accessing them and why you are not able to keep track of their future plans?

These are general and common sense questions coming from the frustrated US citizen after they lost so many valuable people and resource in 9/11 attack and also seeing so many attacks in the world especially in India.

I am also asking the same questions to all over the world and respective country's intelligence agency that why are you keeping the human killers alive? are you not enough to fight?
Peace and love for world

Hope, at least my next generation will live without much terror exploit in this world..

Keep unity in destroying common enemy... Keep focus on peace..

Friday, October 15, 2010

CWG games Delhi handover to CWG Glasgow.. Grand closing ceremony by India

I feel more happy for India proved that it can host any international event and the words from CWG chair person "Delhi you have done it with high class" gives us more enthusiasm to host such events in future. Its not just hosting and its about the great participation from in the ground.. INDIA is NUMBER 2 in medal tally that again gives us more and more boost and encouragement to the nation and it helps to boost the sporting culture of the country..

 My Hearty congratulations to All 101 medal winners in CWG and here are some best clicking from the grand closing ceremony.
 Many more congratulations to Australia for its unbeaten first position as usual and all the commonwealth nations for their support to be part with our Delhi games and enjoyed...

All the best to 2014 CWG games to be held in Glassgow...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nobel prize for Human rights, Human rights in China, Liu Xiaobo won peace Nobel prize

Great initiative from Liu Xiaobo from China that he want to see democratic China because he see's that there are so many violations on human rights.. His way of approach is very cool and follows fellow neighbor's father of the nation (Gandiji's) principle. The angered China Govt did not allow him to encourage such activities from ground so immediately arrested him for at least 4 year..

May be the world leaders can not know why he is in jail but it is clearly visible to the world by honoring him from the Nobel comity.. It is great stuff that they identified very good personality for the peace. In fact I will be very happy this time that compare to President Obama he is the rarest gem ever to get the peace award. Thankfully Nobel comity this time not wasting its reputation by providing again to the peace from mouth Obama..

But China is very strong as usual that it will not release the protestant from its jail to get the Nobel price and it feels that the comity and Norway is insulting china. Hope the peace maker lives a peaceful life in China and get the award... My hearty congratulations Mr.Peacemaker Liu Xiaobo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Talk on Alexa. How traffic rank it is calculated, Tips to get good alexa rank, Alexa is all about good money from web information company

Alexa is all about earning money.. Yes Alexa provides traffic rank to your site so that you can get more advertisement based on high rank of your site. Alexa reviews your site and analyze the usage of millions of alexa toolbar users also to calculate the rank. So make sure you are installing alexa toolbar on your browsers.

Here are the procedures of Alexa calculating the ranks and tips too:
  • Traffic rank is calculated in considering many things like historical data of your page, usage of alexa tool bar, number of visit per day, and number of views. 
  • It is also calculated by domain level too because of that only your blogs are getting good ranks easily( as it is basically from Google!!). 
  • If you are not posting unique content and copying from other source then it is considered as one site so no rank to that page in specific.
  • Everything is weekly, monthly and three month based historical data so if you are doing post and updates for one week then it will not be much considered for good rankings.
  • Even though, multiple times on same page view is considered as one view. So it is important to make many views on different page.
  • Traffic trends are calculated on daily visit basis and over time. Why it is calculated is to get the consistency of your site. You need consistent chart map so that it is considered that you have visitors consistently. 
  • There is possibility that your three month graph will be more than your daily graph because Alexa needs consistency of your page visit.
  • They also disclaim that they are calculating site traffic rank based on their tool bar users across world and it may not be accurate all the times.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Biggest cheater in the world. Biggest enemy of the world. Biggest extremism then terrorist

Day before, former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf told to the reporters in Germany that his Government and when he was a General of Pakistan, there was a training camp and terrorist militant group had formed against India by Pakistan. This is the greatest cheat by any country to its neighbor.. because the cheater country men had peace talk on one side and forming terror group another side but the politicians and Intelligence in India will never come to know and provide a very good hit for them and they will always go without caring all these they will line up for peace meeting again.

How can you trust such a county even there is a open statement on terror formed against India??? What is the different between the big terror group and Pakistan Biggest cheater in the world . I am happy to say that the terror group is far better than Pakistan because they will fight and do everything on face and will accept their activities where as Pakistan is very danger at any cast.

I do not know that it may be General Pervez Musharraf's game to become a president of Pakistan again but I believe that there is a possibility because he was a general and it is big matter and such guys may not say fake news especially against India.

They have done it against India yesterday, They may do it for US or UK or anybody in the world today and they can continue tomorrow.. So I think that Pakistan is biggest enemy for the world before terror. Of course it is good show by Pakistan's Ex President after their cricket players show in England...

Monday, October 4, 2010

CWG games opening ceremony: India's cultural show to the world


:::::::::::::::CWG OPENING CEREMONY NEW DELHI 2010:::::::

It is the most important time for India to show its culture and ability to all common wealth.. Yes it was a spectacular event on Sunday for India.. Several events starting from "Namaste" by Hariharan to AR Rahman's Oscar song "Jai Ho".. You can also witness  the fireworks at the time of CWG games OPEN in new Delhi from above photos:

Bharadha natiyam is the great culture of India

India show caused the 5000 years old yoga, Guru shisyan relationship, welcoming the guests by school students, cultural dance and music and many more.. Here is some of the clippings from the event:
It is the Yathra to our temples from home as a team or community:

The great Lightening show on Opening ceremony:

Symbolic representation of our national flower Lotus:

Lot more stills to follow..

Friday, October 1, 2010

Talk on Ayodhya: Its the talk about new India and talk about Young Inida

My dear visitors.. This is the time for India to move on.. Many of young people of India does not know what is Ayodhya and its parties involved in the case but the judgment is really for youths and young India who want to take the nation in growth direction.. why so?? Yes the verdict of Ayodhya would have created many issues all over but it says split the land by all parties is great move to avoid all kind of issues all over the nation.

Who is Nirmohi Akhara?
 They are the Hindu parties who is saying that the Ram jenma boomi is belong to them who is also think adversely with respect to Vishva Hindu Parisath.

Who is Sunni Wafk Board?
The Muslim counsil for Ayodhya land who claims the land belong to them.

 It is now decided by the court to split all parties into 3. One for Musilm and 2 for two Hindu parties.. People may have different opinion about the verdict but I feel that its great for indians to go ahead for developing both Hindu and Muslim temples in that area.