Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talk on CWGames, Talk on India, talk on Delhi but not a talk on corruption

Yes it is the time for making my country proud and being part of creating awareness and create positive wave on Common Wealth Games that is about to start in India this week end. I am really happy to see the improvements of games village and the sports personality are on the way to visit India and its culture..

I am very glad to say to the foreign delegates, sports people, athlete and common wealth nations that India is a great country for you to enjoy and live for time.. You have very good people compare with any country in the world because we have a mindset to help any person who comes to India as well as for help. All people here in India appreciate to help and really calm and multi culture people.

India is emerging in sports especially in wrestling, archers, shooting and several other games. This is the time for India to proud about its sports area.. By the way it is great facility in Delhi for conducting the sports.

There are some people who spoils image of India by doing corruption but no mind those things and the strong political government will tackle everything.. Have a happy Games..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Talk on cricket: The raising players from the super kings Chennai

I am proud to say that the chennai super kings team become the finalist in champions league happening in south Africa.. 

Might be many people think that the chennai supper kings won Indian premier league by luck but this time they proved that they are the biggest team in the world of T20 cricket local team.

Of course the local chennai kings Vijay is marvelous in the pitch.. he is the one man who plays all the games in champions league and no doubt he is the most scored batsman in champions league T20 this time. Along with fellow team members support is excellent in the team. I see the real team work in chennai super kings camp especially in batting part M.Vijay, Raina, Mike hussey, all rounder part Justin Kemp, Albe Morkol, Bathrinath and Junior sreekanth and in bowling part the legend Murali, raising super king Bolinger, Aswin and blalgi/zhakathi..

It is great team work and extremely well in all the area like in batting Vijay is number 1 and Raina at no3. Dhoni is best captain and number 1 keeper this time and in bowling there is a big competition between Murali and Aswin for the first place.. It is real team work and great to see the raising players are performing very well as a team that is the reason  I told that this is the great time for chennai as well as Indian cricket.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Talk of health tip: Health problems?? Follow health tips for better health

To lose weight, have egg white every morning for breakfast. They are not only rich in protein but also reduce fat 

For stronger teeth, snack on a handful of peanuts, cashews and walnuts.  They are rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphate

To get rid of stretch mark gently rub ground coffee beans mixed with bit of water on to affected areas in a circular motion for a minute 

Drinking lots of water helps prevent bad breath.

To get rid of acne pound orange peel with water on a piece of stone and apply on affected areas.

Have a plate of watermelon regularly, it has high levels of lycopene, and antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of cancer and other deceases 

If you run regularly, eat high corbo and low fat foods. At least an hour before and after each run
To cure a runny nose or sore throat, boil water, add one table spoon honey, juice of half lemon and pinch of cayenne pepper. Drink while hot.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Suban talk of the day: CWG: Well played by media and organizing committee

Is it pride moment for India?? Is it corruption less government or a sports?? People of India are moving ahead of the world and they realized that the sport is one of the important area where we can develop and choose as one of the career.. Yes of course the world no.3 badminton girl proved, World chess champion proved, Maestro of cricket proved, won Olympic medal to prove... lot more events proved in the world of sport where India can also shine and one of the top most country as it is in economic already..

Is it everything for the SHAME to happen? The organizing committee can run a government with the money provided for them to build the CWG village, stadium and other facilities.. Is it to prove to the world that we are raising as sports power or Is it to show our power of corruption that are happening to the world?? There is no answer for any of the above.. May be I have a doubt that Indians are interested in sports only to earn?? why not?? But no body interested to compromise the people of India.. Not the org committee, not the Govt, and even not the Media...

I was very happy to see that the media is bringing up the misleading of org committee but at the end they proved that it is not their intention and it is about money that they are earning by showing the SHAME again and again... Freedom for the media is to express their rights but what happens in showing India's shame to the world once in 15 mins.. Is it really fighting against corruption or it is earning in the name of it??

Is there anybody to answer my feelings and questions????