Friday, September 24, 2010

Suban talk of the day: CWG: Well played by media and organizing committee

Is it pride moment for India?? Is it corruption less government or a sports?? People of India are moving ahead of the world and they realized that the sport is one of the important area where we can develop and choose as one of the career.. Yes of course the world no.3 badminton girl proved, World chess champion proved, Maestro of cricket proved, won Olympic medal to prove... lot more events proved in the world of sport where India can also shine and one of the top most country as it is in economic already..

Is it everything for the SHAME to happen? The organizing committee can run a government with the money provided for them to build the CWG village, stadium and other facilities.. Is it to prove to the world that we are raising as sports power or Is it to show our power of corruption that are happening to the world?? There is no answer for any of the above.. May be I have a doubt that Indians are interested in sports only to earn?? why not?? But no body interested to compromise the people of India.. Not the org committee, not the Govt, and even not the Media...

I was very happy to see that the media is bringing up the misleading of org committee but at the end they proved that it is not their intention and it is about money that they are earning by showing the SHAME again and again... Freedom for the media is to express their rights but what happens in showing India's shame to the world once in 15 mins.. Is it really fighting against corruption or it is earning in the name of it??

Is there anybody to answer my feelings and questions????