Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talk on CWGames, Talk on India, talk on Delhi but not a talk on corruption

Yes it is the time for making my country proud and being part of creating awareness and create positive wave on Common Wealth Games that is about to start in India this week end. I am really happy to see the improvements of games village and the sports personality are on the way to visit India and its culture..

I am very glad to say to the foreign delegates, sports people, athlete and common wealth nations that India is a great country for you to enjoy and live for time.. You have very good people compare with any country in the world because we have a mindset to help any person who comes to India as well as for help. All people here in India appreciate to help and really calm and multi culture people.

India is emerging in sports especially in wrestling, archers, shooting and several other games. This is the time for India to proud about its sports area.. By the way it is great facility in Delhi for conducting the sports.

There are some people who spoils image of India by doing corruption but no mind those things and the strong political government will tackle everything.. Have a happy Games..