Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fans need Assange to be free

The Spanish-language website Free WikiLeaks had said protests were due to be captivated in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville and three added Spanish cities.Protesters captivated placards account "Free Julian Assange" and "Truth Now," and chanted the slogans "freedom of speech" and "free Assange".The website additionally said demonstrations were planned Saturday in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and in the basic cities of Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Peru, as able-bodied as in Sao Paulo, Brazil.Assange charcoal in a British bastille apprehension a audition on December 14 at which he affairs to action Sweden's appeal to abandon him to face sex crimes allegations there.

One of his lawyers, Mark Stephens, denied media letters that Assange was actuality captivated in abreast at Wandsworth Bastille in London.Stephens said attorneys met with Assange at the bastille for an hour on Thursday to adapt for abutting week's hearing.Many US-based internet companies acquire cut their ties to WikiLeaks, including MasterCard Inc., Visa Inc.,, PayPal Inc. and EveryDNS.Those moves acquire aching WikiLeaks' adeptness to acquire donations and abutment publishing efforts.

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