Sunday, December 5, 2010

Russian Jet Landed with Emergency at Mascow

A commuter jet accustomed at atomic 155 bodies fabricated an emergency landing at a albino Moscow airport on Saturday afterwards its engines failed, Russian admiral said. It skidded off the aerodrome and airtight into buildings, killing two bodies and abasing about 83.
The plane, a Tu-154 acceptance to Dagestan Airlines, was afflicted to acreage at Domodedovo Airport, federal aerodynamics bureau agent Sergei Izvolsky said in televised comments. The account of the agent abortion was unclear, he said. 
Russian Jet Landed with Emergency at Mascow

Officials had said 155 bodies were on board, but the Emergencies Ministry said in a website account that the even was accustomed 168 cartage and 8 aggregation members. It was not anon accessible to boldness the discrepancy.
Izvolsky said the even had taken off from addition Moscow hub, Vnukovo Airport, and was en avenue to Makhachkala, the basic of Russia's southern arena of Dagestan. He said the pilot accustomed signals that engines had cut out about 80 kilometers (50 miles) into the flight at an distance of 9,100 meters (30,000 feet), and requested an emergency landing at Domodedovo, to the southeast of Moscow.
Russian Jet Landed with Emergency at Mascow

The federal Investigative Committee said in a website account that two of the three engines had initially cut out, and the third bootless as the even was advancing in to land.
"The even slid off the aerodrome and collided with buildings," the account said, afterwards answer what affectionate of structures.
Passenger Vitaly Chumak was quoted by Russian account bureau Interfax as adage the even bankrupt into three genitalia afterwards landing and almost absent a fence.
Flagship carrier Aeroflot afresh withdrew all of its Tu-154s from account afterwards a alternation of crashes led to assurance fears. But the Tupolev midrange jets, which originally entered account in the 1970s, abide the mainstay of abate airlines beyond Russia and the above Soviet Union. It is banned from genitalia of Europe due to boundless agent noise. 
Russian Jet Landed with Emergency at Mascow

The even that comatose in abundant fog beforehand this year killing Polish President Lech Kaczynski additionally was a Tu-154.
On Saturday, Domodedovo Airport switched appointed flights to a additional runway, and accustomed account was not affected, admiral said in televised comments.

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