Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finally WikiLeaks help developing relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan

Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai has absolved contempo US cables appear by bigmouth website WikiLeaks, which portrayed him as base and weak.
At a account appointment captivated with visiting Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Karzai said at atomic one of the incidents declared in the cables could not accept happened as described. Gilani additionally said the cables should not be taken seriously. 

Relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan

An October 19, 2009, cable said that added than 190 actor US dollars larboard Kabul for Dubai through Kabul International Airport during the antecedent 90 days, but absolute amounts could be abundant larger.
The cable said the United Arab Emirates appear that it had chock-full above Afghan Vice President Ahmad Zia Masood entering the country with 52 actor US dollars beforehand in 2009.
He was accustomed to accumulate best of the money "without absolute the money's agent or destination," according to the document. 
Relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan

But Karzai absolved the cable. "If you put 52 actor dollars in boxes, it will be at atomic 30 big suitcases, 30 at least, big suitcases. Can addition backpack 30 accoutrements with them," he asked.
Karzai again added went on to say that WikiLeaks has absolutely helped relations amid Afghanistan and Pakistan. 
Relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan

"Whatever the ambition was of the WikiLeaks, they helped relations amid Afghanistan and Pakistan. So in agreement of this, WikiLeaks were acceptable for us," he said.

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