Thursday, December 2, 2010

New property owner for Sun and solar energy system

A Woman in Spanish become a worlds no one property buyer. Angeles Duran who is forty nine year old lived in Spain's northwestern region of Galicia. She claimed that the sun is her property. Now she wants to earn money from her property.
solar system

As a business minded woman she want to collect money from the people who use the energy of the sun. Moreover she said that it is a common thing that every owner would like to earn profit from their property. She also makes a plan about her future profit which she got from world.
Who is the owner of the Sun?

She divides her profit into five shares half of the share will go to the government then the twenty percent goes for country’s pension fund then ten percent will goes to help poor’s and ten percent  will goes to research work. The final ten percent is saved for her sake and welfare. Is there anyone to have the document of the whole Earth belong to yours???.....

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