Thursday, December 2, 2010

Talk on Michael Jackson

Today is the world renowned pop singer’s fifty second birthday anniversary. Yes...The legend Michael Jackson’s birthday. His fans celebrate his birth day with his sweet memories. His full name was Michael Joseph Jackson. He was born in August twenty nine, 1958.
Jackson in Thriller

As a child he started his singing when he was four years old.  After his success he started to give solo performance and creating his own style in dance movements. In 1980’s he became a popular singer. His songs and music videos gave him a vital and unbeatable place in pop world. His best- selling albums were Thriller, Off the wall, Dangerous etc... He won hundreds of awards.
King of pop World

He was also a remarkable man in helping tendency. He gave millions of dollars for charity homes. But his personal life is not a good one. He was accused for child sexual abuse. Then the court announces that the accusation was untruth .2009 June 25 he died at Los Angeles because of cardiac arrest.

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