Friday, October 15, 2010

CWG games Delhi handover to CWG Glasgow.. Grand closing ceremony by India

I feel more happy for India proved that it can host any international event and the words from CWG chair person "Delhi you have done it with high class" gives us more enthusiasm to host such events in future. Its not just hosting and its about the great participation from in the ground.. INDIA is NUMBER 2 in medal tally that again gives us more and more boost and encouragement to the nation and it helps to boost the sporting culture of the country..

 My Hearty congratulations to All 101 medal winners in CWG and here are some best clicking from the grand closing ceremony.
 Many more congratulations to Australia for its unbeaten first position as usual and all the commonwealth nations for their support to be part with our Delhi games and enjoyed...

All the best to 2014 CWG games to be held in Glassgow...

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