Friday, October 8, 2010

Biggest cheater in the world. Biggest enemy of the world. Biggest extremism then terrorist

Day before, former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf told to the reporters in Germany that his Government and when he was a General of Pakistan, there was a training camp and terrorist militant group had formed against India by Pakistan. This is the greatest cheat by any country to its neighbor.. because the cheater country men had peace talk on one side and forming terror group another side but the politicians and Intelligence in India will never come to know and provide a very good hit for them and they will always go without caring all these they will line up for peace meeting again.

How can you trust such a county even there is a open statement on terror formed against India??? What is the different between the big terror group and Pakistan Biggest cheater in the world . I am happy to say that the terror group is far better than Pakistan because they will fight and do everything on face and will accept their activities where as Pakistan is very danger at any cast.

I do not know that it may be General Pervez Musharraf's game to become a president of Pakistan again but I believe that there is a possibility because he was a general and it is big matter and such guys may not say fake news especially against India.

They have done it against India yesterday, They may do it for US or UK or anybody in the world today and they can continue tomorrow.. So I think that Pakistan is biggest enemy for the world before terror. Of course it is good show by Pakistan's Ex President after their cricket players show in England...

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