Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Football world cup winner died. Life ended for Paul the Octopus

Paul the octopus is the winner of world cup football happened in South Africa this time by predicting the match result all time 200% exact result.. It was not only won the football world cup but also won many people's heart after the world cup not only from Germany but all around the world. Its the sad time for the staff and management of the Oberhausen sea life centre but it is also saddest time for the world of prediction and especially the world cup winner Spanish and its football team..

Paul the octopus prediction during world cup
You may forget the football played during this world cup but it is unforgettable moment by Paul the octopus and its predictions. People may think the world cup was the biggest ever even but I am saying that during world cup event, the paul octopus made very big event more than football.
Paul the octopus from Germany
 Whatsoever the fans all around the world need not worry about the senior predictor paul because there is already a successor in the same sea live centre who is under training to predict and its name will also Paul.

Thank you Paul for your great predictions and the world will never forget your time and predictions as well. Your body and soul rest in peace..Good bye.. bye..

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