Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nobel prize for Human rights, Human rights in China, Liu Xiaobo won peace Nobel prize

Great initiative from Liu Xiaobo from China that he want to see democratic China because he see's that there are so many violations on human rights.. His way of approach is very cool and follows fellow neighbor's father of the nation (Gandiji's) principle. The angered China Govt did not allow him to encourage such activities from ground so immediately arrested him for at least 4 year..

May be the world leaders can not know why he is in jail but it is clearly visible to the world by honoring him from the Nobel comity.. It is great stuff that they identified very good personality for the peace. In fact I will be very happy this time that compare to President Obama he is the rarest gem ever to get the peace award. Thankfully Nobel comity this time not wasting its reputation by providing again to the peace from mouth Obama..

But China is very strong as usual that it will not release the protestant from its jail to get the Nobel price and it feels that the comity and Norway is insulting china. Hope the peace maker lives a peaceful life in China and get the award... My hearty congratulations Mr.Peacemaker Liu Xiaobo.

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