Monday, October 4, 2010

CWG games opening ceremony: India's cultural show to the world


:::::::::::::::CWG OPENING CEREMONY NEW DELHI 2010:::::::

It is the most important time for India to show its culture and ability to all common wealth.. Yes it was a spectacular event on Sunday for India.. Several events starting from "Namaste" by Hariharan to AR Rahman's Oscar song "Jai Ho".. You can also witness  the fireworks at the time of CWG games OPEN in new Delhi from above photos:

Bharadha natiyam is the great culture of India

India show caused the 5000 years old yoga, Guru shisyan relationship, welcoming the guests by school students, cultural dance and music and many more.. Here is some of the clippings from the event:
It is the Yathra to our temples from home as a team or community:

The great Lightening show on Opening ceremony:

Symbolic representation of our national flower Lotus:

Lot more stills to follow..


  1. wow Great Info here but I see this about Hindustani are u hindustani or pakistani my brothers

  2. good article, info with a beautiful picture. India Ceremony big event.