Monday, October 11, 2010

Talk on Alexa. How traffic rank it is calculated, Tips to get good alexa rank, Alexa is all about good money from web information company

Alexa is all about earning money.. Yes Alexa provides traffic rank to your site so that you can get more advertisement based on high rank of your site. Alexa reviews your site and analyze the usage of millions of alexa toolbar users also to calculate the rank. So make sure you are installing alexa toolbar on your browsers.

Here are the procedures of Alexa calculating the ranks and tips too:
  • Traffic rank is calculated in considering many things like historical data of your page, usage of alexa tool bar, number of visit per day, and number of views. 
  • It is also calculated by domain level too because of that only your blogs are getting good ranks easily( as it is basically from Google!!). 
  • If you are not posting unique content and copying from other source then it is considered as one site so no rank to that page in specific.
  • Everything is weekly, monthly and three month based historical data so if you are doing post and updates for one week then it will not be much considered for good rankings.
  • Even though, multiple times on same page view is considered as one view. So it is important to make many views on different page.
  • Traffic trends are calculated on daily visit basis and over time. Why it is calculated is to get the consistency of your site. You need consistent chart map so that it is considered that you have visitors consistently. 
  • There is possibility that your three month graph will be more than your daily graph because Alexa needs consistency of your page visit.
  • They also disclaim that they are calculating site traffic rank based on their tool bar users across world and it may not be accurate all the times.

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  1. Alexa will promote blogs, alexa become a criteria for a webblog. the better the ranking on Alexa will better the assessment of people against a webblog. But do not forget to Google PR, and the use of special keywords. Thank you. I love this article.